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File  Astronomie.be (Sterrenkundig Vlaanderen on-line)  Broken Link ?
Project- en Volkssterrenwachten AstroLAB IRIS, een initiatief van de Astronomische Contact Groep vzw, ondersteunt diverse sterrenkundige initiatieven op regionaal, nationaal en zelfs internationaal niveau. Op onze internet servers zijn onderstaande websit
https://www.astronomie.be/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 2357

File  public observatory crete  Broken Link ?
The moon, the stars and the planets, the milky way and nebula's everything seems so far away but nothing is what it seems. You will look at the moon and think it is floating in the palm of your hand. The stars that twinkle so bright with so many but stil
http://www.sasteria.com/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 3357

File  Urania  Broken Link ?
Urania is een van de vijf sterrenwachten in Vlaanderen.Urania probeert je te inspireren tot sterrenkunde en aanverwante wetenschappen zoals weerkunde en ruimtevaart.
https://www.urania.be/  -  Hits Today: 2 Total: 5674

File  Astronomie en Belgique - Groupe Astronomie de Spa asbl  Broken Link ?
Astronomie en Belgique - Groupe Astronomie de Spa
https://www.groupeastronomiespa.be/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 5273

File  astronomie club  Broken Link ?
astronomie club
http://www.cam-asbl.be/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 4827

File  Eclipse totale de Soleil du 11 août 99 - Groupe Astronomie de Sp...  Broken Link ?
Eclipse totale de Soleil le 11 aout prochain ...
http://www.eurospacecenter.be/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 5056

File  astronomie.pagina.nl  Broken Link ?
astronomie.pagina.nl, voor info en fotos over het heelal
http://astronomie.pagina.nl  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 4182

File  ESO and Space Telescope Science Archive Facilities  Broken Link ?
The European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility Archive Server ( ST-ECF is an ESA/ESO Joint Venture )
https://archive.eso.org/  -  Hits Today: 5 Total: 22812

File  Data Interface Control Board  Broken Link ?
The European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility ( ST-ECF an ESA/ESO Joint Venture) Archive Server
http://www.eso.org/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 1995

File  Science@NASA - Science.Nasa.Gov  Broken Link ?
Breaking news in Astrophysics, Climate Research and Microgravity science sponsored by NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center.
https://science.nasa.gov/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 1875

File  Structure and Evolution of the Universe  Broken Link ?
http://universe.gsfc.nasa.gov/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 1574

File  American Institute of Physics - Physics Information NetSite  Broken Link ?
The American Institute of Physics is the largest organization of physicists in North America. On this extensive Web site you will find online journals and thousands of pages of free and useful information.
http://www.aip.org/  -  Hits Today: 1 Total: 1439

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